Floki Turns Seven

My wife is on a business trip in Virginia right now. She texted me last night to remind me it was Floki’s birthday and to go out and buy him a new toy. I’m usually the one in the family that remembers important dates but I dropped the ball this time.

I don’t know exactly when Floki was born. When we got him on the fourth of July I was told he and his brother were about six weeks old when they were found on Memorial Day. At the time, I figured April 18 would be a good day to call his birthday.

Here he is at the vet’s office where we adopted him.


Here he is on the first day home with Chris.

Our kitten Floki

Ten days later he was quite comfortable in our house.

Floki the kitten sleeping

He gradually developed his dark color.

kitten Floki in sink
Chris and Floki
Siamese cat sleeping on lap

And he filled out a bit.

He has become an important part of the trio.

Today I will be off to the pet store, but what do you get a cat that has everything?


38 thoughts on “Floki Turns Seven

  1. Best Dogs Stuff

    What a heartwarming story about Floki and his journey with your family! It’s always intriguing to read about how our furry friends become a significant part of our lives. On that note, have you ever tried baking a homemade cake or cooking something special for Floki on his birthday? I’m sure he would appreciate it!
    A Walsh

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    happee day two ewe dood, hope dad comez home with 7 CASEZ filled with
    yur fav o rite canned goodz‼️‼️ heerz two a grate day anda yeer a head filled with happeez and healtheez 🐟🐟

  3. Cat and Dog Chat With Caren

    Happy Birthday adorable Floki!!! I think I remember when you got Floki!!! I feel your pain about what do you get a cat who has everything? It’s so hard! I’m sure you’ll find something good though! Kisses to Floki!


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