Chris Demonstrates Dominance

For Throwback Thursday, here is a post from late April 2016. It is Chris holding Puck by the neck. After we lost Puck he started doing that to Floki occasionally. I know some animals do this while mating but that is not what this is.

Bad Cat Chris

I have been around cats long enough to be able to predict their behavior somewhat and not be surprised by behavior I didn’t predict. Of course, predicting behavior and understanding it are two different things and I sometimes think I will never understand why cats behave the way they do.

Chris, for example, will often straddle Puck and hold him down by the neck and then he will wash him like nothing ever happened. It seems like he’s showing his dominance but Puck never challenges Chris’s position so I don’t know why he feels compelled to do what he does. If anything, Frankie is the one that challenges Chris leadership but Chris doesn’t hold him down by the neck although he does whack him from time to time.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Demonstrates Dominance

  1. tommyandteaghan

    That’s about the same with the Ts. Tommy practically smothers Teaghan and does his cleaning routine which is nice because he really gets in there and cleans her ears if she will let him that long that is. But most times she allows it for half a minute and then tries to clean him as well then all heck breaks loose. lol!


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