I Was Attacked by Freddy Mercury

We just can’t get rid of Chris’s ear infection so we made another appointment for him to see the vet. This time they planned on taking a sample and sending it to the lab. The idea is, the lab will grow the infection and then determine what will be most effective at killing it.

His appointment was at 9 a.m. yesterday. At about 8:30, I put his carrier on the kitchen table. Frankie and Floki were both interested.

Floki had a vet appointment several days earlier but his esp abilities had him hiding when it was time to go, so we had to cancel. I wished he had the appointment instead of Chris because how easy would this be to catch him and put him in a carrier?

This is what Chris was doing at the time.

When we got to the vet’s office, the vet tech put me in one room and took Chris into another.

While I waited I got a visit from the office cat, Freddy Mercury.

He hopped on the chair next to me.

From there he leaped at me and pushed himself off like he was trying to topple me over. He then attacked my leg.

He was obviously playing and didn’t hurt me. He hung around for a minute or two and then wandered off, probably looking for more trouble.

While I was there, I asked the vet tech if I could bring Floki in without an appointment if I could catch him. He looked at the schedule and said that would be okay. So about an hour after we got home, the opportunity presented itself, and Rose and I, working together, managed to capture the beast and get his nails trimmed.

24 thoughts on “I Was Attacked by Freddy Mercury

  1. iamthesunking

    Freddie! Did he give you a burst of Don’t Stop Me-Ow? Or Who Wants To Live Fur-Ever? (Sorry. I’ll shut up now.)

  2. The Hinoeuma

    Sorry to hear that Chris still has ear problems. Physical anomaly?

    My next suggestive thought would be olive oil, since HP wasn’t a good choice.

    Gotta watch Freddie. He is a powerful character.

  3. Doug Thomas

    Poor kitty! I hope they finally determine what the ear issue is about and how to treat it! That’s certainly been a long-term problem for the poor Chris.

    I had the hidden kitty on appointment day issue once with the late Dougy. It was his grooming appointment, an appointment that was very hard to make since I had two cats and, because they appointments were set up a year in advance (and the groomer only had my two cats on her schedule, ultimately stopping cat appointments when her cat appointment groomer retired…!).

    I managed to get his brother Andy to the appointment on time but returned home to try to find the absentee Dougy.

    I looked, looked, and looked: NO CAT! It was very like Dougy to sneak out the front door if I stood there looking long enough at the snow or whatever, and I thought I might have a cat loose.

    I looked around the place again, then thought to look in a carrier with the opening hidden behind a chair. There the rascal was, already “packaged” to transport to the groomer just in time for his appointment. (Two slots, two cats, but no order they had to be there.

    I usually took them both in at the same time, and the first one done was returned to the carrier to wait. If it was Dougy, I’m sure he hated it; Andy was and is a stoic about carrier time.


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