There is No Safe Place for Catnip Here

In my last post, I reported that I started an indoor herb garden but had to put the catnip plant outside because it wasn’t safe inside with three cats. Well, it turns out that outside is no better. This is what I saw when I got in my car to go to work yesterday morning.

I was concerned that the feral cat might get it but I was not sure if the cat was even still around, as I hadn’t seen her, or him, in quite a while. I guess now I know.

23 thoughts on “There is No Safe Place for Catnip Here

  1. Tel Aviv feral cats

    I have three cats, too. wish I had a home and my own yard instead of an apartment with a yard that belongs to all the neighbors and not just me. If I put catnip outside, dozens of feral cats will arrive, guaranteed. I once put a piece of yellow cheese outside when I was a child and waited. In minutes, there were about seven or ten cats.

    Maybe the vase with the catnip can be attached to something, tied up. This way, they can’t knock it down.


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