Another Trip to the Vet

When I took Floki to the vet last month, I discussed with the vet options to help Chris with his perpetual ear infection. He has a problem with ear polyps, which allow bacteria to fester. The problem is they go too deep into the ear canal for the vet to remove them all unless I wanted them to remove the ear canals and make Chris deaf, which I don’t want to do. So we discussed surgery to remove as much as they could, and then pack the ear with a specific treatment of antibiotics that would require just two treatments.

We had to schedule the surgery a month in advance, presumably because they were so busy. A week before the appointment, my wife said she didn’t want to do it because she feared that Chris’s age and health would put him at a higher risk of death from the surgery. I spoke with the vet looking for reassurance but she did say he was at an increased risk. Instead, we decided to try the antibiotic treatment without the surgery.

This morning I brought him to the vet with much crying in the car on the way there. When we arrived we were put in an exam room and the vet tech, remembering his last visit, decided to leave him in his carrier until the vet came in.

While we were waiting, I opened his carrier and, as expected, he had no desire to get out. This is very different that young Chris who loved to explore the vet’s office.

When the vet arrived, she asked a few questions and then took Chris into another room. After a few minutes, I could hear Chris howling. He was not happy but it didn’t take long. Soon he was back and we were ready to check out.

When they opened the door, their office cat came in. I bent down to pet him and the vet said, “You’re aware he is a biter, aren’t you?” “Yes,” I said. “He’s fine,” and proceeded to pet him. He didn’t bite me but he was interested in Chris. He smelled him for a few seconds and then put both paws on top of the carrier. Nobody hissed. That is when he was called off and we left to check out.

On a related note, I purchased a new carrier for Chris because I did not like carrying him around in a crate that was not meant for that. You can see what I bought here. Note that is an affiliate link. My wife put Chris in the new carrier while I was out moving the cars around. She said it was very easy to get him. He fit well, too, for a twenty-pound cat.


32 thoughts on “Another Trip to the Vet

  1. tommyandteaghan

    Oh no Chris. Purraying all that antibiotics help you feel better. Wonder what’s causing the polyps to begin with? Hopefully it goes down and heals. And your Dad must be a cat whisperer :-).

  2. foguth

    Our older daughter had ear infections and we learned – the hard way – that the best antibiotic was garlic crushed in olive oil, allowed to soak for 5 hours, then strained put in the ear with a dropper. Garlic is the best antibiotic I know of, but I also know pets aren’t supposed to ingest it. I’m mentioning this so you can discuss it with your vet to see if it might be useful.

      1. foguth

        I would have mentioned this previously, but haven’t used it for pets AND just before I commented, a friend had emailed me wondering if I knew of any good treatments for a 6 month old baby with an ear infection. Colloidal silver is a very good treatment for bacterial infections…. I’ve never used that on ears, but gave Merlin a few drops (and survived the experience) for a UTI 3 times per day for 3 days and he was feeling much better after the 1st day… way too feisty by day 4 to continue.

          1. foguth

            All I can say is that it worked on Merlin. Years ago, the topical cream also worked on my daughter’s badly burned hand… deep fat frier up to her wrist – 2nd and 3rd degree burns – I cleaned her hand three times a day and put the ointment on, then fresh bandages… after a week it was healed and not a single scar. That still amazes me.

  3. Doug Thomas

    My cat Andy is 10-1/2 years old. He has a lipoma on his right side that I think should be removed mostly for aesthetic purposes. His vet said it doesn’t need to be removed as long as it doesn’t cause him discomfort, yet my concern is, because of his age and his Persian breed, how well he would handle anesthesia. My fear is, of course, he would die to have an elective surgery. I had one cat died after she was spayed and kept at the vet’s afterwards because of some concerns on how she was responding to it. I can appreciate your concerns with Chris. We try to do what’s right by our kitties, yet the choices all too often are grim. Best wishes for Chris’ recovery! Give him a happy “skritch” from Andy and me. Chris is one of our top favorites blog kitties.


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