The Horrible Result of Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile.

Here is a post for Throwback Thursday from January of 2016. Imagine waking up to this.

Bad Cat Chris

Recently I wrote about Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile when my stepson came for a week at Christmas. He was so fearful that he stayed in our bedroom whenever Nick was in the house.

Puck had no problem coming out to visit Rose’s Dad and his wife when they came at Thanksgiving or my best Friend, Rick, when he came here on New Year’s Eve, but for some strange reason, he decided he was afraid of Rick when he came to visit on Friday. Rick spent the night on our sofa and Puck spent the night in our room, afraid to leave.

I woke up early Saturday morning while Rick was still sleeping. I worried that Puck needed to use the litter box by then so I carried him to the patio and put him in the box. I tried that when Nick was here and got scratched up from Puck trying to escape my…

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7 thoughts on “The Horrible Result of Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile.

  1. onespoiledcat

    It’s hard to say what “triggers” animals……some little tiny specific incident in their “before they joins us” life brings back something NOT good and apparently they really hang on to those memories! Hopefully Nick didn’t take it personally anyway. LOL

    Hugs, Pam


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