Lords of the Flies

For Throwback Thursday, here is another post from August 2015. Cats really do make good exterminators.

Bad Cat Chris

I think we have the worst toilet in the Western Hemisphere. I seem to constantly need the plunger which Rose seems to think is best kept outside in the shed. Rather than argue the logic, I just go to the shed to get it, which is what I did Thursday morning, not long after we had a bad rain storm.

I was able to successfully plunge the toilet and everything went down except one thing that I hope wasn’t there the entire time; a frog. I assume it crawled into the plunger and then came into the house with me. I’m just amazed that it didn’t go down with the flush.

I grabbed a tissue and tried to grab it but it jumped out of the toilet and grabbed Frankie’s attention, who likes to hang out with me sometimes in the bathroom for some strange reason. Frankie lunged for it…

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