Two Cats, One Box

Here is a post from six and a half years ago for Throwback Thursday. It is a video of Frankie and Chris taking turns playing in a box, with a not so friendly ending.

Bad Cat Chris

I used to be very dedicated to posting new pictures on Flickr but I seem to be so busy lately that I just stopped doing it. This morning I realized that the last photos I posted were from nine months ago. I decided to start posting again and as I was goingย my photos I found this video of Chris and Frankie playing in a box. I hope you enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “Two Cats, One Box

  1. lois

    Cats crack me up. No matter what they do….they always stop to groom. Chris cracked me up as he stretched out to take over the entire box. Then groom. ๐Ÿ˜ธ


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