Our New Old Feeding Routine

For years now I have been feeding our cats a raw food diet. It was not a strictly raw food diet because I also gave them dry food, mostly because Chris would only eat a bite or two of the wet food and then stop. I thought withholding dry food would get him to eat more of the wet food but that didn’t happen so I gave in. Since then, I have reduced the dry food considerably and Chris is eating more of the wet food, although he still lets Frankie and Floki steal his wet food.

It wasn’t the raw food that Chris didn’t like, it was wet food in general. Eventually, Frankie and Floki became finicky and stopped eating the raw food too. I figured that nobody likes eating the same food all the time so I started giving them a variety of canned foods in the morning, with a heavy emphasis on Earthborn Holistic’s Chicken Cacciatori. I then fed them the raw food in the afternoon.

When we went to our home in West Virginia for two months, I decided to skip making raw food for a while since I did not know how difficult it would be to find good quality meats.

After we returned I bought some Chicken Breast at Sprouts and made another batch of raw food. They loved it.

Floki cried at me the entire time I was making it. I kept putting down pieces of chicken for him and he kept crying for more.

If you want to make raw food for your cats, I recommend TC Feline premix. If you buy the one with chicken liver, you simply have to add ground chicken, or whatever meat you want. Egg yokes are optional.

While I have an affiliate connection with Amazon, I do not have one with TC Feline. I just like their product because it is so easy to use and the cats love it. I will say though that Chicken is their favorite. I did not have success with beef or turkey.

While this is a healthier option than canned foods, it would probably be even more healthy if you bought it without the liver and added your own. I did that when I lived near Whole Foods but now it is a bit of a hassle finding good quality liver. Also, grinding the bones with the meat would be even better for your cats but that is for people who are willing to invest in a grinder capable of grinding bones (I have a simple grinder that attaches to our Kitchen Aid). It would also require a different supplement. I am not that dedicated, although maybe someday I will be.


21 thoughts on “Our New Old Feeding Routine

        1. The Island Cats

          With EZC, you don’t have to add liver like you do with other completers like TCFeline and Alnutrin. And EZC uses egg shell as the calcium rather than bone so it’s great for older kitties watching their phosphorus intake.

          1. Charles Huss Post author

            That sounds good. The one I buy from TC feline has liver so I don’t have to add that. I did kind of like adding the liver because, believe it or not, our cats actually liked it. I also felt that fresh liver was better for them then dried liver powder.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think it is worth it. If you have a KitchenAid, you can get a meat grinder attachment for not too much money. Otherwise you can buy ground chicken or you can have the butcher grind it for you which might be better. You want to use me as soon as you can after it is ground

  1. iamthesunking

    I have also discovered (the hard way) that you can’t make cats eat anything they don’t want to eat. 😩

      1. iamthesunking

        Oh yes, I know that. A neighbour is feeding our mutual friend when we go away later this month and I still haven’t worked out what to tell her regarding his food.

          1. iamthesunking

            The plan is to ply her with Crémant, tell her, then later send her a message detailing everything in writing “as agreed during dinner”.


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