Once a Biter, Always a Biter

Here is a post from over six and a half years ago. Chris was still a biter then and he is still a biter now.

Bad Cat Chris

I know that biting can be a sign of affection but sometimes, if you have a bad cat, they can go a little overboard. Chris was like that when we first got him and it was the reason that the couple who adopted him before us returned him to the shelter. I always hoped he would grow out of that behavior, and he has improved slightly, but once a biter, always a biter.

This morning I just wanted to drink my coffee and read my emails but Chris wouldn’t stop biting me. I managed to record the tail end of his biting frenzy for your viewing pleasure.

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10 thoughts on “Once a Biter, Always a Biter

  1. Doug Thomas

    “I love love!” My Andy also uses light bites (blood-drawing ones if I ignore the warning!) to tell me he’s through tolerating my head rubs or chin scratches. Sometimes, his bites are “I love you” bites, and they are tender. I blinky-eye him back, and we do that for a time till he gets bored with me. LOL!


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