Two More Days

By this time Friday morning, we will be preparing to get on the road back to Florida so the cats are enjoying the catio as much as possible while it lasts.

We made a major decision on Saturday morning. I was lucky enough to be allowed to take two months off of work but it did not go well for my boss. They guy that was supposed to replace me got Covid and never came to work. Then my boss got Covid too. It was a mess. Needless to say taking another two months off next year seems like too much to ask so we concluded we would not come back next year.

Since we are not coming back we decided to rent the house. Rose listed it Saturday morning and by that afternoon we had a potential tenant. We listed it as four bedrooms instead of five so we could use one room to store personal stuff we can’t bring home. We then bought a bunch of boxes and have been separating our stuff between going and not going. I scheduled a Uhaul trailer but it seems our going pile has become quite large. I hope it fits in the trailer and I also hope it fits in our house.

I think our boys are really going to miss this big house and especially the catio but I know they will not miss the back and fourth car trips.


26 thoughts on “Two More Days

  1. onespoiledcat

    Well your decision is certainly sound – that trip is brutal indeed and sure won’t get any easier as time goes by. Renting out the house will give you an income too which will be nice. No doubt the catio will be missed the most by you, Rose AND the boys. Hope your trip is safe! I would find it hard to leave that place for sure………there’s just something about Virginia and West Virginia that is tough to leave! I’m sure you feel that way about Florida.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      We wanted to build a catio since we bought the place but the only way to do it would be to cut a hole in the back bedroom and put a door there. I’m not so sure how long we will be living in the Florida house (don’t forget, we are nomads) so it probably won’t be worth the expense.


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