Frankie Escapes

I was at the supermaket yesterday morning when Rose called me. “Frankie got out!” she said. “And I’m locked out of the house with no shoes on.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’m coming home right now.”

I quickly checked out with what I was able to get and went home. When I arived I saw nobody at first but then saw Rose and the pest control guy crossing the street. The guy was here to do an annual termite inspection and Frankie got out when Rose answered the door.

The man was carrying a fishing net and Rose pointed and said “Frankie is under that truck. As soon as we approached, Frankie ran out.

He ended up under a van a couple of houses down so I asked the guy to push at Frankie with his net. I hoped he would come out on my end but he shot out the front and ended up back under the pest control guy’s truck.

From there he went into the neighbors back yard and was about to jump the fence into our yard but changed his mind and skirted past me. After a little more chasing he ended up in front of our house too pooped to care anymore. I held my hand out and he gave it a good sniff while I move in close enough to grab him.

My biggest worry is that he is unfamiliar with the area. I have been lazy and have not taken him for a walk since he seems very content to just hang out on the catio. With one week more here I don’t think I will worry about walkling him here but once we get back to Florida I will have to do that.


20 thoughts on “Frankie Escapes

  1. onespoiledcat

    I’m sure you and Rose were worried he might run out into the street as it looks like you have a busy one right in front of the house! Nice of Mr. Pest Control to help with his net… happy Frankie (and you and Rose) are OK after the big adventure.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Rosemarie Huss

    That was almost like a comedy skit chasing him down the street in my bare feet, with the pest control guy in tow with his fishing net! Oh Frankie!


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