The New Scratching Chair

Here is a good one for Throwback Thursday from 2015. Rose bought a chair for this house recently with a similar fabric and history is repeating.

Bad Cat Chris

Rose: Don’t even think about scratching my new chair, Chris. You ruined the last one.

Bad Cat Chris scratching new chair

Chris: I’m just looking at it. Besides, it wasn’t all me. Frankie helped ruin the other chair.

Rose: Just behave, and don’t be a bad cat.

Bad Cat Chris scratching new chair

Chris: This is really nice fabric. I’ll bet this was expensive.

Rose: Chris! What did I just tell you?

Bad Cat Chris scratching new chairChris: Check out the workmanship.

Rose: Chris! Stop it! Stop scratching the chair!

20150321_Cats_1104Chris: Mom, this chair is really nice. I would talk to Frankie about keeping his claws off of it.

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25 thoughts on “The New Scratching Chair

  1. lois

    haha! I can so relate. I’m out of ways to turn our living room chairs so you can’t see where Piper has scratched clear through to the stuffing. Oh, Chris–that chair is too pretty. Please find something else!

  2. Doug Thomas

    I spent a significant amount on a new computer chair a few years ago. I no sooner finished assembling it than Dougy, a notorious destroyer of furniture, began scratching on it. Shortly after, Andy, who never scratched on furniture till then, left his mark, too. That chair soon was toast. A totally appreciate what your lovely new chair has to look forward to! After my computer chair experience, I realized that I could have cats or nice things, which put things into perspective. Sort of….

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      My wife likes to have nice things but I would rather have the cats. I was thinking about that with vehicles today too. I noticed somebody scratched my truck that I just bought for the second time in two months. Every vehicle I have ever owned has been scratched by some idiot in a parking lot within a month or two of buying it. They usually doesn’t stop there. The scratching continues throughout the lifetime. I might as well save money and buy junk cars that run good.

      1. Doug Thomas

        Singing my song! I keep vehicles for many years if i like how they handle or have attributes that make them handy. It seems there’s always some parking lot slob puts a dent in a door or the scratch business no matter how carefully I work at making sure I’m parked in a relatively “safe” spot. It helps that I can legally park in handicapped spots, but it isn’t totally fool proof.


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