Bad Cat Chris: King of the Lizard Hunters

Here is another Lizard Hunter episode for Throwback Thursday. This was from March of 2015.

Bad Cat Chris

Yesterday we broke with our new tradition of letting the cats outside on Sundays and let them out on Saturday. They all had a lot of fun running around, rolling in the dirt and chasing down lizards.

Frankie was good for the most part but, unlike last week, he ventured through the fence… twice. I didn’t worry about him though. I jut kept an eye on him and he came back before going too far. I did have to go through the gate and pick him up from the side of the property, both times, and bring him back to the back yard. He also used up a lot of energy and I saw him panting several times. I thought he was tired and would slow down, but I was wrong.

Last week both Chris and Puck caught a lizard but this week Chris was the only cat to bring…

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10 thoughts on “Bad Cat Chris: King of the Lizard Hunters

  1. KDKH

    Ugh. I would feel a for the lizards. Our cats are very responsible and have been bringing home mice for the past few weeks. The mice feel winter coming and are pretty restless, so the cats have been having a ball in the back yard!


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