Ceaser and Samantha

My mother brought a couple of big boxes of photos with her when she visited recently and I have been slowly scanning many of them. Recently I came across pictures of our basset hound Ceaser.

Several months ago I bought a film scanner and scanned in this video of Ceaser.

We got Ceaser in 1966 when I was three years old. Here is my sister, Holly and me with him in July of ’67.

I then came across this photo from August of that year.

I assumed it was Ceaser until I looked closer.

After we had Ceaser for a while, we then got a female basset hound named Samatha. We didn’t have her for very long and I didn’t realize a photo even existed. To be honest, I had forgotten what she looked like.

At the time, both my parents worked in Chicago so we would leave early in the morning to go to my grandparents. By the time we returned home it was evening. One evening we returned home and found Ceaser sitting outside at the front door. Someone must have not closed the door all the way and the dogs got out. We looked for Samantha but never found her and she never returned. Hopefully some nice person found her and adopted her.

Almost three years later my parents had a house built in a growing area of what was called the far north suburbs. Not long after we moved in, the police were called because Ceaser was disturbing the peace with his howling (basset hounds are known for that). We were told that we would have to git rid of Ceaser. For some reason that I don’t remember, we were convinced that it was the neighbor across and one house over who had two german shepards that barked all the time. We tried to convince my parents to fight it but they ened up giving Ceaser to my grandparents. Ceaser lived with them for several more years before passing away. I believe I was in high school when that happened.

Looking throught these photos has brought back many good memories and some not-so-good.


16 thoughts on “Ceaser and Samantha

  1. Caren

    I am hoping Samantha was adopted too. That is awful what the neighbors did about Caesar. That’s awful! I can see why you became obsessed with cats, Caesar wouldn’t stop biting your pants lol. These are great memories that you shared!

  2. MyAwesomeVintage

    You have some lovely photos from your childhood Charles, your dog Ceaser looks adorable!!☺️ I’ve been sorting through various photos of my childhood from the late 60s through the 70s into the 80s for several years… it’s an interesting journey, but can be quite emotional at times, so I always have a box of tissues handy!😉

    Your scans of your old photos look really good, I’m curious what you scanned them with to get such a good result. I’ve tried scanning mine with various different scanners over many years and all seem to have a disappointing result no matter what setting I adust the scanner to. It’s no problem with images from the late 80s onwards, but early images with less detail the scanner seems to add some kind of strange markings and also picks up too much detail… they don’t look good. Instead I’ve captured old photos with my camera which is great quality, but can be a problem with images with a lot of dark shades as light reflects onto the surface of the image. Obviously I need to buy a new general scanner, but not sure which one to buy, or if it would be better to buy a scanner specifically designed for photos?

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      The scanner I used was a flatbed scanner made by Canon but because I left it in West Virginia and I am in Florida no so I don’t know the model. I have a scanner here that I really like called a Canon Imageformula R40. With that you can set a stack of photos on it and it will feed them through. You can also set different profiles for different settings like resolution and how it saves the files. Whatever you choose, I would guess any new scanner today would produce decent results.

      1. MyAwesomeVintage

        Interesting… thanks for info! Canon isn’t a make I’ve tried when it comes to scanners. The one I have now is an Epsom, it is fairly new… and wonderful for most scanning, just not those really old photos… on the surface they look fine but when I enlarge them they start to look very strange. Clearly not the old photos because I don’t get that with my camera images. Yes, I probably need to invest in a dedicated photograph scanner, that might be the best solution. I had seen some reviews on YouTube a while back, but some of the reviews weren’t saying they were that good. I’ll check out the Canon Imageformula R40 and do some research to see what photo scanners might be best now. Thank you Charles! ☺️👍

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I hope you find something good. The R40 is a good quality but I don’t know if it is the best. I just like it because it is faster if you have a lot of pictures.


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