Cries of Desperation

The other day I posted a video of Chris scratching at the bedroom door at night but I forgot to turn on the microphone. I recorded another video the next day so you can hear the pathetic cries that we have to listen to every night.

Sometimes those cries make me feel so bad that I get up and open the door, only to soon regret it.


30 thoughts on “Cries of Desperation

  1. katiegirl06460

    This is why I never close most of the doors in my condo.. It would break my heart. Actually they still whine when they need something (usually feeding time at 4:30 in the morning)

  2. KDKH

    You guys are so funny! My cats have always slept with me without a problem. They lose a bit of their body heat when they sleep, though, so they like someplace warm to sleep – and you are warm! My 16-year old cat began crying at night and would yowl around the house. I finally got her a heating pad, put a towel over it, and turned on the timer for 8 hours when we went to bed. Now, she sleeps well. It seems that I just wasn’t warm enough to help her with her arthritis. And she doesn’t accept medication.Chris is young enough, that‘ s probably not it. He just likes to pull your chain!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Chris doesn’t sleep when he is in the bed with us. He is constantly sticking his nails in my face or neck or he bites my nose. If I put him down near my feet he bites my legs or just comes back and claws my face again. When we are both awake and out of bed, then he sleeps.


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