Would You Scoop Twice a Week?

I was at the store buying cat litter the other day and saw a bag called Ultra Clumping Litter that said “Easy Twice-a-Week Scooping.” My first thought, and pretty much only thought, was that’s nuts.

I don’t care if this is super litter from Krypton, scooping twice a week, at least in my opinion, borders on animal abuse. I am sure it probably controls odors for that long but no cat wants to maneuver around a minefield of poop looking for a place to do their business.

I have three large boxes for three cats. Each box holds about fifteen to twenty pounds of litter. I scoop the boxes a minimum of twice a day but usually three or more times. The bag shown contains five pounds of litter. Imagine three and a half days of poop and pee in five pounds of litter.

Personally, I think this is designed for lazy people who probably should not have cats in the first place and this just encourages bad behavior. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?


35 thoughts on “Would You Scoop Twice a Week?

  1. lois

    Totally nuts. I have three litter boxes and check those things constantly throughout the day. I know my cats appreciate it. Twice a week? I cannot even begin to think how disgusting that would be. I doubt my cats would even use the litter box if I let it go like that.

  2. onespoiledcat

    I think you are 100% right! We scoop twice a day and only incredibly lazy people would try to AVOID keeping a clean litter box for their pets……Amazing isn’t it.


  3. caren

    I’m with you! I only have one cat and I scoop a MINIMUM of TWICE per day!!! Never, ever would I do something like that. Horrible!

  4. Leah

    No way! Scooping is an every day event, often more than once. I don’t like that “crystal” litter at all, I’ve read that it’s hazardous if ingested by cats and that its dust is hazardous too. The blue-dyed particles sprinkled throughout are a concern too.
    There are various disadvantages to many types of litter but crystal litter is the worst IMO. My favorite litter ever was organic, made from either peanut or walnut hulls, but it was only available for a short time in the 90s, the store just stopped having it. Maybe due to the chance of peanut allergies? The actual ingredients weren’t listed on the bag.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I never tried the crystal litter. We us Dr. Elsey’s unscented litter. I would like to use something natural like World’s Best or Feline Pine but our cats don’t like it.

  5. Summer

    Silica gel absorbs urine and odor, but it still needs to be stirred after it has been used, and the solid waste disposed of promptly. I’m not sure where this twice a week idea came from! No bueno.

  6. claire93

    I agree with you and everyone else. I have 3 cats and 2 very large litter trays indoors but cats also have access to the big outside. I scoop twice a day, sometimes more if I notice somone has just pooped. Have never tried crystal litter. Used to buy normalclumping mineral litter, but I moved them over to clumping vegetal litter which seems to meet with their approval.

  7. Doug Thomas

    Three litter boxes for one cat and he prefers to use just one of them. I used to have two cats, and both still preferred to use the one litter box – twice a week was out of the possible then! Even one cat can load a litter box rather fast if you don’t keep up with it.

      1. Doug Thomas

        I cringe! I get the 40 pound boxes, even though one kitty boy takes some time to work through that much litter. Five pounds, though? I think a kitten could work through that much in short order!

  8. iamthesunking

    Twice a week sounds pretty gross. Imagine only flushing your toilet twice a week? Eurgh. No thanks.


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