Cats React to Newest Fort Box

Our old Fort Box was no longer being used. I think our cats like things that are new and get bored after a while. With that in mind, I threw out the old box and enacted a short waiting period before bringing in a new one.

I actually had this box in the shed for months waiting for the right time. It is the heaviest duty box they have ever had so it should do well protecting the occupant from invaders. I also left the doors attached to reduce the chance of an attack from the side. And as usual, I cut small peepholes all around so the occupant can see if anyone is approaching.

All three cats were interested at first but Frankie’s interest was mere curiosity. Surprisingly, Floki seemed even more interested than Chris, at least at first, but they both spent time making sure their scent was on the box before Floki ventured inside.

I was surprised that Chris did not take over the box from the start but after Floki’s short inspection Chris took over possession for a good part of the afternoon.

This was six days ago and I still see Chris in the box from time to time. I have not seen Floki in it since the first time but we have found his mouse in the box on at least two occasions. I don’t think the mouse went in there on its own.


28 thoughts on “Cats React to Newest Fort Box

  1. easyweimaraner

    that’s to cute!! I love it and I wish we could buy something with a big fort box for the two… well a new fridge would be not bad, a big box and something what has good temperatures LOL

  2. Susan

    Sometimes we have so many boxes for our cats, our house looks like a warehouse. 😅 My cats don’t get bored like yours do, but I throw away the ones they’ve already mutilated, which doesn’t take very long. 😁

  3. KDKH

    Our youngest cat, a year old now, doesn’t really like boxes. We are mystified. Our senior cat, however, likes a good box sit. I don’t know if the senior cat scent-marks the box and the young one won’t trespass or if there is something else going on. Who knows?


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