I Know Where You Keep the Catnip

For Throwback Thursday here is Chris in 2014 trying to get into the cabinet where we kept the catnip. Unfortunately for Chris, the cabinet did not open at the end he needed it to open at.

Bad Cat Chris

We keep the catnip in the cabinet above the stove because it is the one cabinet in the house that Chris can’t open. Nevertheless, he knows it is in there and he is on a mission to get to it.

Bad Cat Chris trying to open cabinet

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16 thoughts on “I Know Where You Keep the Catnip

  1. loisajay

    We keep the cat food in a low cabinet, and finally had to put child-proof locks on it. Our cats figured out if the lay on their back, they could get better leverage with opening the cabinet from the bottom. How do they even think of all this stuff??! Chris is a riot!

      1. loisajay

        This is so funny! Chris is a pro–him standing up to understand how to undo that lock….I had to have my husband come and look at that. We laughed!!


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