What We Can’t Eat in a House With Cats

We try not to eat too much chicken in our house because when we do we attract vultures, otherwise know as cats, who want to take our food off our plates. Yesterday we ordered pizza and chicken wings for lunch. We ate the pizza for lunch and saved the wings for dinner. This is what happened at dinnertime.

The technical quality is not great because it was taken in very low light without a flash, but I think my wife’s timing was perfect. It really captures the story well. I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words.


26 thoughts on “What We Can’t Eat in a House With Cats

  1. onespoiledcat

    Are you sure those are cats and not chicken-hawks??? HAHA I have to say this kind of thing makes me even MORE happy than I already have been these past couple of years that Ted has no interest whatsoever in people food. None. Zip……..thank heavens! πŸ™‚

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Cleo

    Yeah, well I have to say- that’s me with anything on a plate with mom and dad. I get yelled at more at their mealtime than any other.

  3. iamthesunking

    Good grief. That’s bullying and intimidation.

    We are very lucky as we can eat anything and leave food lying around without having to worry. In fact, we leave Louis Catorze in charge of our cheese board as he will alert us to any bugs by doing his bird chatter sound, and he will catch said bugs before they land on our cheese. πŸ§€ 🐜

  4. Doug Thomas

    Yes, the old “I want your food” routine is familiar to all cat servants! I have to let them smell whatever I’m eating or they paw toward the plate to help themselves. Of course, nothing they
    think they want they would eat if i put some down on a plate or floor for them, but the ritual is the same every time I’m near or with food! That’s great picture of you with the three “vultures” closing in!

      1. Doug Thomas

        Chicken’s a favorite here, too, though they won’t eat it unless it is regular wet kitty food. I’ve offered them some of mine and they sniff but don’t take it. They do love, love, love the water off of tuna, but won’t eat the tuna itself. Strange kitties!


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