I’m Not Ready to Go Inside Yet

Here is a memory from 2014 for Throwback Thursday. Before Chris got older and gained weight, he was very much like Frankie is today when it comes to getting him back in the house.

Bad Cat Chris

It happens every time. Whenever it is time for Chris to come inside, he gives me a run for my money. I suppose I can’t blame him. When I let him out I have to watch him and I rarely have the time to just hang out and babysit a grown cat.

Lately, Chris has been the only one allowed outside. Frankie turned out to be a runner so it is not safe to let him out. He’s been out twice and both time we had to chase him through the neighborhood to get him back. I’m afraid we will lose him if it happens again. Puck likes to go outside and he generally stays close but sometimes he gets nervous and wants to go back in right away so I don’t feel bad leaving him inside.

Chris makes getting out the door his mission in life. I often let…

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6 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready to Go Inside Yet

  1. onespoiledcat

    Fortunately for us since he LOVES being outside so much, we were able to “wean” Teddy off the harness and leash……he stays within about six feet of us when we take him out and we stick to him like glue. He’s very good now and just has fun close by. If he ever starts the “running away” thing again back on the leash/harness he will go! That’s a great video of Chris though.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is exactly what Puck did when I tried to put a harness and leash on him. I opened the door to let him out just as a car drove by and that freaked him out so we never went walking after that.


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