Photo Friday: Curl Up With a Good Cat

I think I will just let this photo speak for itself.

On another note, Chris is puking again and now he has dierea. Another vet visit may be in order if he isn’t better soon. It was very traumatic for him last time and I hate to subject it to him again. I also have news about his ears but it is to long of a story for this post.


31 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Curl Up With a Good Cat

  1. onespoiledcat

    Poor Chris…..sounds like he’s truly miserable from the head down to his tummy. I know it must be awful thinking about having to subject him to another vet visit but you might not have a choice… sorry!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks, Pam. I have spent $1000 for three vet visits lately and nobody has done anything useful or even given me a diagnostic so I am undecided about bringing him back, especially since he seems okay between pukes.

      1. onespoiledcat

        Honestly I think we know a lot more about our kids from living with them than a vet does sometimes…..they throw everything at them and hope for the best. You do what you think is right period! It’s usually the best thing!!

  2. The Island Cats

    They’re spooning! Too bad about Chris. We hope you can get it figured out. Maybe a good digestive enzyme or probiotic could help. Let us know if you’d like more info.


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