Floki’s Microbiome Report

I waited a long time for Floki’s microbiome report from NomNomNow but did not see it in my email so I went looking. For some reason, you can create an account and log into NomNomNow’s website if you have subscribed to their meal program but if you order a microbiome test, your results come in an email and no login is required. I think this is a mistake. For one thing, having a universal account would be a good way for them to cross market their products but it would also be convenient for a customer to log in and have information about their pet available to them.

I had to take a different approach. Since I didn’t have an email about Foki, I found the email sent to me about Frankie and clicked on the link. The test result number was embedded in the URL so I just changed the last two numbers to correspond to Floki’s test. Thankfully I still had the card. I think the average consumer would have been on the phone with them asking what happened to their results.

I should mention that these tests were given to me in exchange for an honest review. If you wish to understand what the Microbiome test is for, please read my post NomNomNow’s Microbiome Test Kit. To learn about what the results mean, you can read my post Chris’s Microbiome Report. Today I just want to compare Floki’s results with Chris’s and Frankie’s.

Floki scored best on Composition, getting 10 out of 17 while Chris got 9 and Frankie got 7. In diversity Floki and Chris both scored 2 out of 3 and Frankie a 1 out of 3. All scored in the normal range for both. As I mentioned before, it is unclear what the numbers 17 and 3 represent or what the difference between composition and diversity is.

Chris’s gut bacteria was dominated by one specific type, Bacteroides (73%), while Frankie’s is dominated by two types, Bacteroides (46%) and an unclassified bacteria in Enterobacteriaceae family (29%). Floki is in between with a predominance of Bacteroides (51%). I think having too many of one type of bacteria is not ideal but it could also mean that type is needed more because of their diet, I don’t know.

Floki scored a bit better than Frankie and Chris in most, but not all, in the Firmicutes family. This may be good for cats that eat dry food. Floki eats a mix of homemade raw wet food and a good quality dry food.

Floki, Frankie and Chris all scored low in the Actinobacteria family. This could be because they do eat some dry food which is higher in carbohydrates.

The level of Fusobacteria in all of our cats is high but there is little information about it. so there is no point in speculating about weather this is good or bad.

Frankie and Chris are both low in Prevotella while Floki has moderate levels. All our cats are high in Bacteroides, with Chris being the highest and Frankie the lowest.

Floki scored highest in the richness category but they were about the same in evenness. Their overall diversity scores were almost identical. There is still a lot that is unknown about gut bacteria in pets and there are variables such as genetics and diet that may influence the level of benefit from each species of bacteria.

While all of our cats had scores that varied somewhat, generally they are pretty similar. I expected that since they do eat the same diet and live in the same house. I was waiting to see all of the reports before doing anything about it and now I think they might benefit from a probiotic supplement.

What do you think? Has anyone tested their pet?


10 thoughts on “Floki’s Microbiome Report

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I don’t know if it is because of lack of research on pets but it would be nice to have a more comprehensive explanation for the different types of bacteria found in the gut and maybe suggestions on what to do if a particular one is too low or too high.

  1. Summer

    To be honest, all these results sort of make my human go cross-eyed! All she knows is that when she started giving Boodie a probiotic, she stopped throwing up so much.


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