Photo Friday: Plant Lover

It has been a while since I let Frankie and Chris go outside because it has been so hot. I decided to get out with them very early on Friday before the outside oven was set to broil.

Frankie, for some reason, always seems very interested in plants.

I usually like to limit my Photo Friday Posts to one photo but sometimes more photos are needed to tell a story.

For example, this group of photos illustrates how Frankie’s initial curiosity . . .

. . . turned into a full fledged obsession with these plants.

Does anyone know what these plants are? I know Frankie seems to take an interest in several different kinds of plants but I don’t know if they have something in common that attracts cats.

Update: Thanks to Fran Hunne I found out this is a spider plant. I also found the following page that talks about why cats are interested in them:


31 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Plant Lover

  1. onespoiledcat

    Hmm….looks like Frankie is interested in those plants perhaps because some other animal has marked them with scent! Frankie’s tail is on “alert” and that could be why his nose is buried in there! LOL Teddy loves to follow scents no matter where they are….on the ground, on tree trunks, and on ALL our plants.


  2. caren gittleman

    I am sure you are being careful that he isn’t chewing on something poisonous! Oftentimes cats are attracted to plants that are poisonous to them. Love how Frankie is standing on his toes, too cute!

  3. The Island Cats

    Those look like spider plants…and cats love them. We have one in our sunroom…but we can’t get to it so we can’t munch on it.

  4. 15andmeowing

    I was going to say spider plants. My plants are in the dining room which is a no cat zone, but when any do sneak in, they go right for them.

  5. Deziz World

    Yep, that’s a spider plant alright. me doesn’t care fur them at all, but we don’t know ’bout Raena. She’s never seen one. Cute fotos tho’. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I use the harness on Frankie because he likes to run away. I worry that he will get lost or hit by a car or something. I don’t use a harness for Chris because he is overweight and easy to catch. Plus he tends to like to stick around the house and eat grass. I tryed to use a harness on Chris when he was younger but he resisted too much and somehow managed to get out of the harness like Houdini. Frankie quickly learn to accept the harness. In fact when I take it out he gets excited because he knows he’s going outside.

      You just have to remember that you can’t walk a cat like you walk a dog. They have to walk you. if you try to force them in a particular direction they will resist. I usually end up having to carry Frankie home after a while.

    2. Charles Huss Post author

      I forgot to mention that the harness I have goes on very easy. It just velcros in two places. I found that it was difficult to get a traditional harness on him. The drawback of the velcro harness is that if he pulls really hard backwards he can slip out of it. I have just learned not to give him a reason to do that.

  6. cat9984

    My father-in-law had a beautiful spider plant that we took when he moved out of his house. The next day we went to work. When we came home, the whole thing was down to nubs. The cat we had at the time had eaten the whole thing.


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