Watching Fireworks With Chris

For Throwback Thursday I thought I would share this post about watching The Fourth of July fireworks with Chris in 2014.

Bad Cat Chris

We have unusual cats, especially Chris. There is just no better way to say that.

Yesterday we had a lot of company at our house and, as usual, Chris was up in everybody’s business. There is nothing surprising about that. Chris is a very social cat. What is a little surprising is what happened later.

We had planned on walking around the corner where we could watch the city fireworks display but a thunderstorm rolled in just before the fireworks were supposed to start. We sat on our patio as the wind pushed the rain through the screens. We were hoping it would be like a typical summer shower and be over quickly but it lasted long enough for us to give up on watching the fireworks.

Bad Cat Chris watching fireworksThen the rain ended as suddenly as it began and several locals began setting off their own fireworks that we could see from…

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10 thoughts on “Watching Fireworks With Chris

  1. The Swiss Cats

    You’re so brave, Chris ! We’re going to hide during the celebration of Swiss National Day tonight, we’re afraid of the noise. Purrs

  2. onespoiledcat

    That was a great video……you’re right – that was as good as any huge display in a large town and the foreground of the marina and water was pretty too. I loved hearing the little kids appreciating the show. When our Sammy was young he loved watching the fireworks we’d do in our front yard – they weren’t really noisy (just fountains) but as he aged he got more afraid of them. Teddy could care less. LOL


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks. I really miss that place. It was my favorite home ever. We moved because we couldn’t pay the high rent and the car payment for my wife’s new Mustang. I would have ditched the Mustang if I had the choice.


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