Cats Can Be Jealous

I heard somewhere that cats don’t get jealous but that is very, very far from my experience. Chris, for example, is a very jealous cat. Whenever he sees Frankie on my lap, he has to be on my lap too. At first I thought he didn’t want me paying attention to other cats but now I think he doesn’t want Frankie to pay attention to me.

Floki doesn’t get on my lap very often but when he does Chris ignores him. This is either because Chris want’s Frankie to himself or it is because Frankie is an alpha like Chris and Chris needs to protect what is his.


21 thoughts on “Cats Can Be Jealous

  1. foguth

    Purrseidon initially seemed very jealous when Katsu moved in. Her reaction could have been due to circumstances. 1) she thought ‘her bedroom’ was with “Master Munchkin”, and when Katsu was rescued, he had a problem with one eye, which the vet at the shelter had diagnosed as a contagious (to other cats) condition, SO Katsu needed to be quarantined from Purrseidon. Solution: put him in “Master Munchkin’s room” (he was the one who’d chosen Katsu). 2) Purrseidon had her whiskers in quite a twist over being ‘thrown out’, so would go outside, get on the window sill and glare at Katsu (he was oblivious). 3) When we FINALLY had a correct diagnosis (Lab tests took weeks) we realized his eye was injured and infected, which we began treating for, but he wasn’t contagious, SO Katsu and Purrseidon were finally allowed to meet. She was a bit huffy, but quickly got over it, and thankfully, after almost a year, seems to have completely accepted him.

  2. The Island Cats

    From my experience, cats can be very jealous. That’s why some of them don’t get along with each other.

  3. cat9984

    Cats definitely get jealous. “All Kommando, all the time” has been seriously challenged since my husband died. Now it’s 2 cats, 1 human instead of 2 cats, 2 humans.I have never felt so popular. πŸ™‚


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