Health Update For Chris

I brought Chris back to the vet on Wednesday morning. The plan was for them to clean his teeth and remove the ones that needed to be removed. They gave me an estimate of around $640 (which is on top of all the money already spent). That estimate was a worse case scenario and it was possible it could be lower if they removed less teeth.

They said it could be as early as noon and as late as four when he would be ready to be picked up. I stayed home from work that day because I didn’t want him waiting any longer than necessary to get out of there. They called after two and said he was awake and would be ready for pick-up at four. I was there at 3:55.

They told me they had to remove eight teeth but I just noticed the bill says 4 major, 2 simple, and 1 minor, which I add up to be seven. I assume molars are major, incisors are minor, and canines are simple. The bill came to $668, which was worse than worse case. I went home with a bag full of medications including several syringes pre-filled with a pain medication called Buprenorphine, another pain and inflammation medication in tablet form called Onsior, and an antibiotic in capsule form called Clindamycin.

When Chris got home he found his way to our bed and hung out there. He was still wearing a bandage that I needed to keep on him for the next hour.

I am not a fan of medications and try to avoid them whenever possible but sometimes I can except them. With that in mind I gave Chris his pain medication because I wanted to ease the pain he must have been feeling after the anesthesia wore off. I did not give him the anti-inflammatory because I didn’t want to shove a pill down his throat and I didn’t think two pain killers were necessary. I also don’t like antibiotics because they screw up digestion which leads to all kinds of problems, but I understand that an infection could be potentially worse so I accept it and hope to fix digestive issues in the future.

The antibiotics are in capsules. I didn’t want to force the capsules down his throat any more than the tablets so I bought several cans of tuna with the hope that I could mix it in with the food. I didn’t give it to him Wednesday because he would not even eat, or drink, his favorite heavy cream. I even tried whipped cream with no luck. By Thursday Chris did eat a small amount of Tuna with his antibiotics but by small I mean miniscule. He did seem slightly more active Thursday and I did see him drinking water a couple of times.

Friday he ate half the tuna I gave him, which wasn’t much but it was more than yesterday which was more than Wednesday. I watched him eat and he didn’t seem to be in pain from it so I decided after two and a half days I can probably stop with the pain meds. I will continue with the antibiotics. Several websites I have read suggest antibiotics are unnecessary after extractions but I will continue with it for awhile since he has only received a half dose these last couple of days.

I have heard from other cat parents who say their cats were back to eating normally a day after teeth extractions but as I write this on Friday afternoon, Chris has only eaten a small amount of tuna today and none of the cat food I tried to give him. My concern is that whatever was making him puke over the weekend has never been addressed. The vet never found a cause and said sometimes pain can make a cat sick. I hope that is all it was.

We have been letting Chris sleep with us since the puking started to be noticeably bad, which was probably around last Friday evening. Normally we can’t let him stay with us because he can be a huge pain in the but. You may remember this example which is similar to what happens in the middle of the night.

Chris has been relatively good but he still starts his annoying behavior around three or four in the morning. Thursday and Friday morning he was especially annoying but instead of biting he spent a lot of time rubbing his face on my face, which he didn’t really do before. Normally, he will put his nose against my nose and then bite it. This time, instead of a bite I got a face rub. He only bit me once or twice so lightly that I could barely feel it. Perhaps that is where his teeth are missing or maybe it hurts to bite. I don’t know.

The other thing that has been happing is that while Chris has been spending a lot of time on our bed, Frankie has spent a lot of time hanging out with Chris. He must sense that Chris is not feeling well and feels bad for him. Of course, that is just a wild guess but whatever the reason, I like it.

Lastly, I would like to that all for your concern this last week or so. You are all appreciated.

31 thoughts on “Health Update For Chris

  1. onespoiledcat

    Gosh…..poor Chris and poor you. I hope he begins eating normally but isn’t it wonderful that Frankie is “taking care” of him while he recovers or gets through whatever else might be going on with him. I guess Chris was thanking you for helping him with those face hugs you’ve been getting! Teddy does that and I love it. When our cats are “off”, everything is “off”……so hopefully Chris’ behavior will return to whatever his normal is…….it’s always worrying isn’t it!


  2. Summer

    Binga and Boodie have bounced back quickly from their dentals, but that’s because they’ve had only one or two – or no – extractions. Chris had some major work done, so I’m not surprised he was feeling punky for so long. I hope that once everything heals, he’s in much better spirits than he was before.

  3. caren gittleman

    poor Chris!! I am praying he isn’t experiencing much pain anymore and that soon he will be on the mend. Hoping he has no more vomiting. He and Cody should get together, Cody’s “witching, annoying” time is anytime from 2:30 am on………….also glad to see the kitties getting along!

  4. weggieboy

    Best wishes for poor Chris! Seven teeth out at once has to have been difficult for him. Best wishes for finding a food he can – and will – eat in sufficient quantities, too. Poor kitty! He’s been through so much of late!

  5. CatLadyintheCanyon

    Charles, so sorry you and your baby had to go through this. I’m wondering why your vet didn’t give Chris a long-acting antibiotic via shot. Lexington has gone through two different teeth extractions–the last time was 3 teeth and both times the vet recommended the antibiotic shot so that I wouldn’t have to give Lex pills, so all I gave him was the same pain-killer that you have for Chris. I also highly recommend CBD oil for inflammation and pain. I’ve seen positive results with two of my kitties. Best to Chris. I hope he feels better each day.


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I don’t know why I didn’t get a long lasting antibiotic. I didn’t know I had an option. The CBD oil sounds like an interesting option. How do you administer it?


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