Our New Catio

We recently had a new screened patio/catio built under our carport. I wanted to write about this last week but, after losing Puck, it was not a priority. The main reason we wanted it built was that trying to get in and out of our house was a nightmare with Chris and Frankie always ready to bust out the door. The screened room would allow a buffer zone. If they escaped as we were leaving we could catch them and put them back inside. If they escaped while we were coming in we could just leave them out there. It is really nice when I have bags of groceries. I can now bring them into the catio and then open the door to the house.

The men came on the first Sunday of February to do the job. We were assured that it was a one day job and they would be finished that day but they got a late start and we had a very heavy rain that started early in the afternoon and lasted all day. They did what they could under the shelter but they couldn’t finish while it was raining.

They came back the following Saturday and finished the work.


Introducing the cats went about as expected. Chris and Frankie took the lead with Puck and Floki following more hesitantly. Puck got over his fear relatively quickly but Floki took a little longer. The following video is the last video ever taken of Puck.

You can see in this photo Floki is still nervous but Chris has forgotten all about the new catio and is more interested in smelling Puck’s butt.

Floki hangs out close to the door so he can run inside at the slightest commotion.

Puck was interested in what was under the house. Perhaps a rabbit.

Rose, of course, wanted it to be a human patio as much as a catio and that required furniture and rugs and a ceiling fan that the guys already installed for us. So the next day we bought some rugs and two wicker chairs, a wicker ottoman and a matching table. We cringed when the salesman said it was packed in small boxes and needed assembly but he said it was easy, just a few screws.

Apparently, on his planet, easy means difficult as hell and a few screws mean slightly less than a hundred. I spent well over an hour Sunday evening putting together the first chair. Fortunately, I had helpers or it might have been done quicker.

We put the rugs down first and Chris and Frankie loved them.

I then started on the first chair

The boxes were a bit of a distraction for Chris and Frankie.

cat Chris in boxcats in box

Finally, by Monday, I had everything put together.

Now that they have a nice catio so they can finally spend time safely outside, guess what Chris does when someone is around to see him?


35 thoughts on “Our New Catio

  1. caren gittleman

    darn I couldn’t get the video to play (could be my computer)….are those screens on the catio? Hoping they are the pet-proof kind otherwise all of the screens I had ended up with holes due to claws!

  2. kittiesblue

    Your gang will absolutely love this. Our gang spends more time on the catio than in the house when the wether is decent. I am certain that it is bittersweet to see Puck here, but I know you are happy to have this final video of him. Hope humans and cats both enjoy their new space. Hugs, Janet

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I am sure it’s not easy running a retail store. I’m sure a good selling skill is important but I think building relationships with people is more important.

  3. 15andmeowing

    That looks nice, I love the rug. Make sure you keep checking the screens so you don’t get any escapes.I know Chris can get through child proof locks 🙂

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  5. onespoiledcat

    That’s a great catio for humans AND the cats. We are also very happy Puck was able to explore the new space with the others. It appears to be a BIG HIT but that screen is simply too tempting for Chris!

    Pam and Teddy too

  6. The Island Cats

    We bet that the new catio will be great for your cats. As far as the screens, there is pet-proof screening and you may need to replace your screening with that. That’s what we had to do with our screen doors. The cats’ claws do not tear it.

  7. databbiesotrouttowne

    glad Puck was able to enjoy the catio for a bit; while it’s typically cold here all February; Boomer
    was able to enjoy some days last year on his chair in the screened in porch area; it was in the 70’s for a few days; we were happy for him….. they did a nice job; the catio is really nice ! 🙂 ♥


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