Goodbye My Ferals

This is the last of my Ferals at Work stories for Throwback Thursday. I hope the little guys are doing okay.

Bad Cat Chris

I am starting a new job on Tuesday so Friday was the last time I will see my feral cats at work. The week and a half after I gave my notice I saw very little of them. Sometimes I would put food out at 8 a.m. and it would still be there at noon. Other times it would be gone but I couldn’t be sure the birds weren’t eating it. I was actually glad about that because it meant that the cats didn’t need me and I could stop worrying about not being there for them.

Then the shy one showed up on Tuesday morning.

feral cat

I was off on Wednesday and the gold and white cat was there Thursday morning, waiting in the parking lot for me.

feral cat

On my last day both the gold and white cat and the grey and white were there waiting.

feral cat20160526_Feral cats_090I feel bad about…

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