Photo Friday: Cats of Thanksgiving

We went to my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving and I was told I need to ignore the cats and take family pictures. I think I managed to get one photo of my wife and her mother and that was it. Nobody wanted to get together for a group photo. The good news is that I didn’t ignore the cats and I have some cute photos for you.

Is it safe to come out yet?

No! Stay where you are. It’s not safe. I’ll take care of your turkey.

Just stay away from my turkey!

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

Do you feel a draft?

The door is open, ya know.

I think I need a new coat.

I still can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

We are ready to pack up the leftovers.


19 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Cats of Thanksgiving

  1. weggieboy

    Yes, you did the reasonable thing! I know we (my family) would have one person trying to get people to cooperate with photo-documentary needs, and no one wanted to be photographed. At the end of the gathering, there might be a photo taken of everyone standing in front of the house, held hostage till they cooperated and anxious to get on the road before dark….

    That said, the family pets always were there and willing, oblivious to how they looked, guileless (well, unaware you were aware), cuter than heck, and a part of the family we would happily remember once they passed into oblivion. Yeah, loved your kitty photos!

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