Photo Friday: Besties

Even though Chris seems to sleep with Frankie more often than Puck, I think it is Chris and Puck who are probably the two best friends in our house. They are the only two that I never see fight with each other, except for a rare whap now and then. Puck often sleeps in the cubicle on the cat perch or sometimes he naps at the opposite end of the house as everyone else. That might explain why Chris chooses to sleep with Frankie more often.

cute cats lying together


19 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Besties

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Worse. My wife stormed out of the house a half an hour ago because of Puck and divorce is looking like a real possibility. He peed on the bed this morning and her new rug.

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  2. elizabetcetera

    Please ignore that non-functional link in my previous response.

    🎥 You’re Setting Up Your Litter Box All Wrong! – YouTube

    But try this link above … Hope it works. Apparently Mr. Galaxy has NUMEROUS ways to contact him Maybe you should write him — especially if the cats are coming between you and Rose. It would also make a great post for your blog! And more importantly help Puckie while keeping the lovely Rose and cat mom around!!!!

    Please keep us posted!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That was a good, informative video. I think I have done most of his suggestions, I even tried several different litters, but I haven’t tried plain clay litter yet so that may be next.

      1. elizabetcetera

        Dear Charles,

        Today I really empathize with you. My normally well behaved little grey cat has peed on our guest bathroom floor next to the toilet. Normally it sounds like that would be no big deal, but it is carpeted in there! This is is how we bought the house this year and we will be removing all of the circa 1985 dark maroon carpet from all the bathrooms from the entire house.

        My apologies in advance to anyone who adores carpeted bathrooms — and I’m not talking about little washable rugs. Bathroom floors need to have easily cleanable surfaces!

        My little kitty likes to smell around the toilets and I guess last night he made it his own toilet.

        Here’s where I have to practice what I preach … Give me a moment while I swallow my pride … I have only one litter box out for two kitties. Ooops! Not Jackson Galaxy’s advice. I have now put a second litter box out. I think my other cat bullies the little guy over the litter box. I thought things were fine … Guess not.

        I wet vacuumed the area and then applied “Nature’s Miracle — Just for Cats” and shut the door to that bathroom. My husband is pissed — no pun intended!

        I just have to believe some cat problems or most cat problems have to be easier than raising kids. Chime in on this if you like.

        Then of course I wonder if my little guy has a UTI … But he’s eating great, peeing nice big clumps as usual, is active and doesn’t have a history of UTIs.

        Maybe we need to attend a Jackson Galaxy seminar together!!!!

        Best wishes,

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I think Jackson Galaxy is a pretty smart guy but I also know that every cat is an individual and reasons very widely for why they do what they do. I recently went against my own advice and bought a large litter box with a cover on purpose. My thought was that maybe puck is not thinking like a normal cat and he prefers to pee in private. That turned out not to be the case but it was worth a shot. As far as the carpets in the bathroom, I think that’s a bad idea even without cats because it’s very wet and humid in there. We have plans of removing all of our laminate flooring except for what’s in the bedroom and replacing it with a waterproof vinyl. Puck has already ruined several spots on the laminate. There is even a spot in our bedroom that is ruined but it is behind our bed.

  3. Summer

    They look so sweet together. What a bummer that you can’t figure out what to do about Puck’s situation. I wonder if there are any cat behaviorists in your area who can advise.


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