There’s a New Feral in Town

The saga of the “Ferals at Work” continues with episode six for Throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

I have been feeding the feral cats near my work for a few months now and I thought I had the social structure figured out until this week. I’m starting to think that the inner workings of a feral community is as complicated as a human community.

Here is what I thought I knew: Cat number one, who I will just refer to as my little buddy, has been the reason I continue to put food out. He (or she) is the only one that comes around consistently. Almost every morning I can expect to see my little buddy waiting for me to bring out food. I have recently learned he hangs out near the tire store about 100 yards to the south. Sometimes when I pull into the parking lot, I will see the outline of a cat’s face and ears in the distance. I then go inside, grab some…

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7 thoughts on “There’s a New Feral in Town

  1. Johnny

    Thank you for all the updates! I really want to start working with Ferals to be honest, but living in the concrete jungle that we do, it’s pretty rare that you see any.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      My favorite restaurant, called “The German Restaurant,” is on a very busy street. They take care of many strays who hang out all around the restaurant. I worry they will get hit by cars but I guess they know where their boundaries are.


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