Feral Cats at Work

For Throwback Thursday I want to share the story of the feral cats I was feeding at a previous job. I realize now I should not have left that job and the pleasure of seeing those cats are one of the reasons. Maybe I will continue their story next Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

We have feral cats that hang out behind where I work. I don’t see them very often and when I do it is from a distance. There is a large fenced in area that has been abandoned for about a year now, although the cats have been there much longer. Because seeing the cats is rare, I thought there was no colony of cats, just a few loners who’s territories intersect near my work. If there was a colony, I thought, my work is at the outside of their territory.

About a month ago I saw a cat walking the perimeter of the fence behind my work and I thought maybe the cat has a routine. As an experiment, I brought some food to work and put a handful near the fence, on a plastic Verizon cover. By the end of the day the food was gone so I decided to continue…

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