Chris’s Kitten is Back

I love days like this when Chris is in the mood to act like a kitten again.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris is one of those cats that continued to play like a kitten well into adulthood. Lately, however, the kitten in him did not come out very often. That changed the other day when Rose found a mouse under the refrigerator. It was a small mouse that I had never seen before. It must have found its way under the fridge shortly after coming out of the package.

I donโ€™t know what is different about this mouse than all his other mice but he plays with it like he is a kitten again, and after several days, he has not become bored with it. I still see him chasing that thing around several times a day. Itโ€™s nice to know my lovable โ€œbad catโ€ has not fully grown up yet.

Bad cat Chris playing with mouse toyBad cat Chris playing with mouse toyBad cat Chris playing with mouse toyBad cat Chris playing with mouse toy

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14 thoughts on “Chris’s Kitten is Back

  1. onespoiledcat

    What’s old is new again…….kind of like when I dig around in the toy box Angel Sammy left me and find something I’d not seen before – it might be 10 years old but it’s NEW to me!

    Hugs, Teddy


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