Who Peed on My Car? A Bobcat?

Yesterday Frankie and Chris both got their time outside in the sun. Frankie always goes first on a cat-harness and leash and then when we return I let Chris outside without a leash. It works out good that way because he usually runs out the door anyway as I try to bring Frankie in.

As soon as Frankie got outside and walked near my car he stopped to smell my front tire.

cat Frankie smelling tire

20170401_112930 Frankie smelling tire

This smelling went on for a long time.

cat Frankie smelling tire

I thought an animal might have peed on my tire but I didn’t see any discoloration. This happened over Christmas on the front bumper of my wife’s car (see here). Frankie would not stop smelling the tire so I pretended like I was going to pick him up. That got him moving.

After our walk, I brought Frankie home and carried him inside. As predicted, Chris ran out the door. I removed Frankie’s harness and went outside to watch Chris. Once outside, I noticed Chris had already discovered the pee on the tire.

cat Chris smelling tire

I knew it had to be pee at this point.

cat Chris smelling tire

I just wondered who was doing the marking. Since it also happened to Rose’s car there is a good chance it happened in our driveway but I never see any loose animals around here that would do that. We live in a well-kept 55 plus community (because living with a bunch of people older than you makes you feel young). Outside cats are not allowed here and dogs must be on a leash.

Perhaps it’s a bobcat. I was told there were a couple of bobcats around here a few years ago. I can understand why since there is an endless supply of rabbits but I was also told nobody has seen them in years. I wonder about that after what I saw last week.

Cat Frankie and dead bunny

Frankie found what looked like bunny parts.Cat Frankie and dead bunny

I don’t know what did this but it looks like a policy of indoor only cats is a good idea. I would hate to think of Chris or Frankie outside with a bobcat or some other large predator.



18 thoughts on “Who Peed on My Car? A Bobcat?

  1. onespoiledcat

    Maybe you just drove through an interesting smell?! Not necessarily freshly “applied” pee but something interesting on the road that smelled delightful to the cats?!


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Its possible but unlikely since they were only attracted to the front tire. They also were sniffing more toward the rim and away from the treads.


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