Our Christmas With Cats

Christmas morning started out pretty normal here. I did my usual chores. I fed the cats, made coffee, changed water, scooped the litter boxes and washed dishes. When I was done, I noticed Puck had pooped on the floor in front of the litter boxes. Despite the poop being a good 12 to 18 inches away, Chris still mad a valiant effort to bury it by pulling litter out of the box.

We planned to be at Rose’s mom’s house at 11:00 for lunch so while Rose was getting ready she suggested that I take Frankie for a walk. I did promise him on Saturday that I would take him out “tomorrow”, and Christmas was technically tomorrow even though it was two days ago.

I don’t know how but he knew he was going out even before I got his harness out of the drawer. I think they just pretend to not understand our language.

Once outside Frankie was happier than a fly on shoot I forgot how that saying goes.

cat Frankie on harness outside

The first thing he did after stepping on the grass was to step back onto the driveway and walk toward Rose’s car. There he stopped for a long while to smell the grill.

cat Frankie smelling car


I eventually convinced him to move along and we ended up walking away from home along the fence at the edge of the development. After a while Frankie found an area between two homes that he spent a lot of time just smelling the vegetation.

cat Frankie outside on harness

The local resident of one of the homes was not to pleased but Frankie didn’t even notice.

cat in window

When we left the house, I could hear Chris crying about how unfair it was that Frankie was out without him, so I needed to get Frankie back so Chris would have time to go outside. Of course, I had to pick up Frankie and carry him home. Once home, Chris got his turn outside.

Bad Cat Chris eating grass

A little grass eating and then it was off to see what he could see. The first stop was Rose’s car.

cat Chris smelling car

Now I new some kind of animal marked her car. I got down to take a closer look and there it was.

cat marked Mustang car

Then it appeared that Chris started licking it. I may have not seen it right but I can’t imagine a cat wanting to lick that so I started worrying that Rose’s car was leaking radiator fluid. I have heard of cats being poisoned by drinking that stuff. I immediately picked up Chris and put him down at the front of the driveway and then opened up the hood to see if there was a leak.

2016 Mustang engine

There was no leak but now Chris was no longer in sight. I found him at the back of the house. I decided he would be okay there long enough for me to go and close the hood.


I returned just in time to see Chris disappear under the house. He found the only hole big enough for him to fit through.


Now Chris is exploring under our house and Rose is calling me telling me I need to get ready to go or we’re going to be late. I tried calling Chris to come back through the only hole that he fits through but anyone with a cat knows that you can’t call a cat, unless it’s for dinner.

I walked back and forth around the house trying to see if I could see Chris and if there was a way to get him out. I decided I would have to pull out bricks if I couldn’t get him out through the back of the house.

After many long minutes and several more calls from Rose, I decided to try treats. I went in the house and brought out our bag of freeze dried Stella and Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose Dinner. If that didn’t work, I didn’t know what would.

I pulled one brick sideways near the door, just enough to create an opening big enough for Chris and then called him while shaking the bag. “Chris! Kitty Treats! C’mon, here you go!” I then opened the bag and put some on the ground. At just about the same time Chris was crawling through the hole I made and eagerly gobbled up the treats. So now I re-enforced his bad behavior by rewarding it.

cat Chris eating stella and chewy treats outside

When I was in volunteer training for The Humane Society, they recommended bringing dog biscuits for the dog walkers in case they escaped but anyone taking care of cats need not bother because a dog will give up his freedom for a treat but a cat won’t. I guess they didn’t know about Stella and Chewy’s

About an hour after arriving atΒ Rose’s mom’s house, her cat, Pumpkin, decided to show his face. Pumpkin is a friendly cat but he is not much of a lap cat, but he took a liking to my lap while I was there.

cat pumpkin on my lap cat pumpkin on my lap

The last time we went shopping, I bought a can of pink salmon for the cats for Christmas and I opened it for them when we got home.

chicken of the sea pink salmon

They all loved it.

cat eating salmon cats eating salmon cat eating salmon

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but that was fine with me.

By the way, I discussed with Rose later that day where she might have been parked that a cat would want to mark her car. That is when she remembered that we were at The German Restaurant the evening before. Our tradition is to go to The German Restaurant on Christmas eve and then go to the 7:00 service. It is our favorite restaurant for several reasons that don’t include cats but we love that they have several strays that they take care of.

What about you? Was your holiday as fun as mine?


21 thoughts on “Our Christmas With Cats

  1. weggieboy

    Whew! Nothing like walking a cat for an adventure! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about yours, and the part about Chris’ adventure under the house was especially familiar only my experience was my cat (the late Louie the ginger cat) disappearing into a very dense bamboo thicket and not wanting to come out.

    Of course, I was new to dealing with kitties then. Now I’d just shake the kitty treat bag, a sound my current kitties (Andy and Dougy) know means “come running”!

      1. weggieboy

        If he is like mine – and I’m sure he is his curiosity is endless, and each new scent excites and leads him deeper and deeper into the his kitty scent paradise, and farther away from you! I know I had to wait quite a while for my kitty to exhaust the scent possibilities along the walk. Not much exercise for me, but a good lesson in patience, I’m sure you appreciate!

  2. onespoiledcat

    What a fun time you had getting Chris out from under the house! Sounds like a nice Christmas for all of you though and that special can of “people salmon” sure was a nice Christmas treat for the gang when you all got home. We had a nice Christmas too but sure did miss Sammy!


  3. Photofinland by Rantasalot

    Cats make our life worth living! Think, without your cats, you just woke up, no poop, no cat food, you were bored waiting your wife to get ready, no reason to use your brains, because no cat under the house, and now with your cats, an amazing day, your body full of adrenaline chasing Chris… We must be very grateful for cats.

  4. Summer

    You and the cats had quite a holiday! Ours pales in comparison. My human barely got the tree up and she couldn’t wait to get back to work. But then, she owns a small publishing company, so I can see why.

  5. Cathy Keisha

    What an adventure. At first I thought a cat had gotten into the grille of the car. TW once got a neighbor’s cat out of a hole in their wall with a peacock feather. I take it Chris doesn’t like the harness?


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