Floki Invades Puck’s Lair

Puck’s favorite spot these days is on top of our china cabinet. This was a favorite spot of Chris’s a few years ago but now that he has gained weight, he can no longer jump up there. Puck can’t jump up there either but he has learned how to use me as an intermediary step. I don’t speak cat so I am not sure how to explain how I know, but when PuckΒ wants to get on the cabinet he somehow communicates that desire to me and I bend down so he can jump on my shoulders. I then walk over to the cabinet and he jumps on top of it.

Floki sees what s going on and I think he put two and two together because on Friday morning he stood on the counter and cried at me. Again, I don’t know how I knew but I bent over and he jumped on my shoulders and I walked him over to the china cabinet where he jumped up and met Puck who was enjoying his morning in peace.


I should have not let Floki interrupt Puck’s peace but I was curios what Floki would do.
20170113_cats_puck-floki-736He spent a little time investigating…
20170113_cats_puck-floki-741until he annoyed Puck and forced him to leave.
20170113_cats_floki748He then settled down on Puck’s spot.

When he was ready to get down he didn’t know how. It’s an easy jump to the couch but Floki didn’t know that so he needed my help getting down and somehow I knew that too.

Since then Floki has talked me into getting up there a couple more times but I won’t put him up there with Puck now. He has also learned how to get down

I’m sure others are good at understanding their pets and I’d love to hear your story.


24 thoughts on “Floki Invades Puck’s Lair

  1. Dennis

    “… but he has learned how to use me as an intermediary step”

    Oh, I know this very well. My cat can still reach every spot but she likes to use me as a stepladder anyway πŸ˜€ For example if I am new the scratching post, she will take a seat on my shoulder and demands that I navigate through the room. She mainly likes it if I go to the window, from the top of my shoulder it must be a nice view to watch the birds outside. πŸ™‚

  2. onespoiledcat

    Oh Sammy used me as a step ladder almost through his entire life! When he was tiny it was when we were outside and he needed to be UP so he could see if any birds were in the evergreens…..he’d sit on my shoulder as we walked the line of trees. Later on he’d want “up” when he was experimenting with actually climbing a tree – he didn’t care for it though. He had been chased UP a tree by a stray dog as a “baby” and never forgot the experience. When he aged and couldn’t get up and down the stairs in the house very well he’d come get me or wait at the foot or top of the stairs until I happened to come by and get a ride. Fond memories.


  3. Katie Kat

    My cats have always used a combination of body language and sometimes misused English words… Sandy used to think water was two words. Want and Er…
    Sandy and Snow Baby used to tell me they were hungry in twos… Sandy would say “hung” and Baby would walk around Sandy and then sit down and finish “Reee”

    Floki is such a cute kid. I would love to draw him for you… purrs Katie Kat.


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