Cabinets are a Gateway Drug

You may remember a post from last month when Frankie leaped from the counter to the top of the bathroom door. Before that he had figured out how to stand on the toilet and open the cabinet where our linens are kept. Once the door was open, he was able to jump into the cabinet, despite the awkward angle. I guess the thrill of getting into the cabinet was short-lived and he needed to set his sights higher.

The other day Frankie had let himself into the cabinet and our kitten Floki was going crazy with jealousy. Just to see what would happen (and to get him to stop crying) I put Flokie on the shelf above Frankie. That got Chris’s attention and he jumped on the shelf with Frankie. I decided it was time to grab my camera but Frankie had enough and jumped down before I returned.


Because nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd, Puck had to join in to see what was going on.


After giving Puck a whack or two, Floki redirected his attention to bigger and better things.

cats and kitten in cabinet


Getting into a cabinet might be the goal of some cats but others need more. Floki had much higher aspirations.


To stand on top of two doors is quite an accomplishment but Frankie did one door and Floki was not going to be beat.

kitten on top of door


“Ta-Da!” Mission accomplished! Now Dad had to get him down. Of course, he wasn’t happy about that and had to start over from the bottom.

kitten on toilet

Siamese kitten in cabinet

Puck was content to be a bystander.

Black cat on toilet


Since he started on the second shelf last time, he had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get back there. This is when mean ol’ Dad decided to pull funding for the expedition and cut the adventure short. What is a cat parent to do?



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