Photo Friday: Daredevil

The other day Frankie was on the bathroom counter looking like he was preparing to jump to the top of the door. Rose and I both happened to be in the bathroom at the same time (which is not typical). I feared he would hurt himself but Rose said to let him try it, so I did.

He made the jump with flying colors but as soon as he landed, the door started to move. I quickly held the door still so he wouldn’t fall and asked Rose to hold it so I could get my camera. I ran into the bedroom, grabbed the camera and turned it on as I was heading back toward the bathroom.

I knew from past failures that I needed to take a quick shot first and then worry about focus and composition on the next shot. There was no next shot as he was preparing to jump down as I arrived with the camera. I did manage to capture the photo below. It’s not purfect but I think it tells the story.

cat on door

In case you are wondering, the biggest failure that comes to mind was a great picture opportunity of an osprey with the moon behind it. Instead of taking the shot, I decided to put my camera on a tripod first. By the time I set that up, the osprey flew away.


22 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Daredevil

  1. easyweimaraner

    Chris, you can enter that barnum circus… that was an artistic leap :o) thanks to your humans for holding the door, that can be difficult to find the balance on a swinging door… even for a kitty :o)

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That was a tough jump and that was Frankie, by the way. It’s hard to tell sometimes and that is something Chris would have done in the past but he has slowed down lately, which worries me a bit, but age does take its toll.

  2. Photofinland by Rantasalot

    What a cat! He must have been sure that you will help, if something goes wrong. The camera is an another thing, if you live the camera around your neck, nothing happens, but one minute after taking it of, you will see rare birds, cats standing on their heads and so on. I have too many photos of a bird who just flew away…

  3. elizabetcetera

    That IS a great photo! Seriously.

    I had a cat one time that liked to jump high. One day I saw him sizing up the shower rod over the tub. I had a towel hanging over the rod. He kept looking and adjusting the rod. I thought no way is this cat going to try to jump onto this flimsy rod. Sure enough he did and everything came crashing down. He scared the beejeebers out if both of us!

    Anyway, cats don’t see things as impossible like we do! Love love love cats … Don’t you?!???! ❤


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