Photo Friday: My Blogging Assistant

I just got back from a five day cruise, so enjoy this post from the past while I catch up with what I have missed.

Bad Cat Chris

Working on a blog post can be quite a daunting task. It is not coming up with Ideas or finding the right words that are the biggest problem. The hardest part is seeing the screen or typing when a 12 pound cat is standing in front of you or lying across one arm and part of the keyboard. I’m sure many of you reading this can relate.

Bad Cat Chris and Chuck Notice the keyboard is pushed away because Chris was either stepping on it or lying on it.

Even writing this post has been a chore. My little assistant has done everything but actually help. He started by lying on my right arm, forcing me to push the keyboard away and type left-handed. I then moved him to my lap, which sometimes works but this time he jumped down and started biting my legs. He then got up and decided to help me type. He…

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10 thoughts on “Photo Friday: My Blogging Assistant

  1. Dennis

    My cat is often lying on my arm too if I use the computer, it’s really funny when I play PC games, because sometimes my friends ask me via voice chat “What happend?” when I died in the game… and my reply is usually “Shit happens if you play PC games with a cat lying on your arm” 😀


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