To Catch a Cat

Frankie escaped three times last weekend by using a trick that Chris figured out years ago; He no longer hesitates when the door opens. As soon as the door cracks open, out he goes. Once out, he is nearly impossible to catch. I have to wait until he wears himself out before I can catch him.

The following video was compiled from two separate escapes, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

It is very similar to what Chris used to do four years ago.

In other news, we could not get Chris a vet appointment until late Tuesday. I am concerned because when we got home today I noticed that both of his eyes are compleatly dilated. I called the vet back but they had closed by then. I did leave a message that I was concerned and asked if they could squeeze him in on Monday. I will be at work so Rose will have to bring him.


30 thoughts on “To Catch a Cat

  1. Juliea and Izzy

    He is clearly playing a very fun game of chase with you. He wants you to follow him, thus the obvious curl to his tail as he sprints off again. My cat will do similar, but he’ll get across the street and suddenly flop over as I get close, saying “alright mommy, I give up” as he rolls onto his back. Somehow you need to make his game not so much fun. Maybe just follow at a distance and not run after him? You will find what works for you and him. Good luck!

  2. iamthesunking

    Oh my! If a cat doesn’t want to be caught, there’s not much you can do. Ours isn’t the brightest star in the cosmos, but he can still outfox & outrun us when he feels like it!


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