Catnip Bender

This catnip plant has long since died but after seeing this post again I want to grow another one.

Bad Cat Chris

I have a catnip plant that I have been growing for several months now. It has been outside all this time because the first time I brought it inside for the cats they didn’t seem interested in it. Yesterday I decided to try again. What a difference a few months make. I don’t know if it smells different now but the cats had their faces so deep into the plant that I thought they were going to get sucked in and disappear.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck attacking catnip plantChris was being a bit possessive of the plant and would whack Puck every now and then. When I saw how funny they were I ran to grab my camera. I wanted to also grab my video camera but the memory card was full because of my wretched procrastination. I snapped some pictures and took a short video using my Canon SLR but as always happens when shooting…

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6 thoughts on “Catnip Bender

  1. Summer

    Wow, those guys are total nip heads! We’re only mildly interested in our catnip planter outside, to be honest, but the neighborhood cats love it.


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