Mother’s Little Helpers

My wife started a new job a few months ago that allows her to work from home a couple of days per week. The company provided her with a laptop and she had been working on a small table on our patio. The cats are all interested in “helping” her with her work, especially “Chris” who helps the most.

Cats Chris and Frankie

One day, Chris almost got fired when he dumped a full cup of tea on the laptop. It stopped working and Rose immediately took the battery out and let it dry for a day. When that didn’t work she brought it to a local computer shop who did nothing for several days and then said she needed a new mother board. Fortunately, I thought they seemed shady so we picked up the computer, brought it home and it worked, so Chris got to keep his job.

Puck works behind the scenes rubbing the excess good luck that all black cats have onto Rose’s computer.

Our cat Puck

It didn’t take long before Rose realized that one table was not big enough for three cats and all her work so we bought a small desk and put it next to the table.
Cats on deskNow she has more room for her assistants.
Bad Cat Chris lying on laptop

It seems that gold cats also have good luck to share.

Cat Chris rubbing on computer.

I’m sure all you pet bloggers out there can relate to this.


19 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helpers

  1. Fozziemum

    Hahah yep sounds very familiar..with 4 of the girls at me and the computer it can be taxing! i got your email btw and then promptly before i could reply Windows 10 ate it..ugh! so thankyou and you were welcome..often these ecards go walkies in our spam 🙂 btw kitty litter is great for drying spillages on mobile phones so maybe it would have been irony to put the whole computer in a litter tray 🙂 great to be back blogging after a foul summer of heat and non stop vet visits! Fozziemum 🙂

  2. Charles Huss Post author

    Reblogged this on Bad Cat Chris and commented:

    Here is a post from March of 2016 for Throwback Thursday. I now have Rose’s desk and she works from the dining room table where she is bothered predominately by Frankie who walks across her computer when he wants something, like lunch.


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