Photo Friday: Watch me, Not the TV

I don’t know why but Frankie likes to lie in front of the television while we are watching it.

Cat Frankie in front of the tv

18 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Watch me, Not the TV

      1. elizabetcetera

        OK, I watched a bunch of those videos. I am left with the following thoughts and questions.

        1) Do you live in Florida? I see a boat dock and palm trees and crappy grass. And in one video you said how hot it was outside.

        2) Why don’t you let Chris (or any of the other cats) eat the lizards they catch?

        3) REALLY nice treehouse! Fantastic! But I have to say that halogen lamp right next to the treehouse looks like a quagmire waiting to happen … just sayin’!

        Loved all the videos … keep filming. The playing ones are my favorites. 🙂

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          Thanks for watching and commenting. We live in Clearwater Florida but some videos, like near the marinade, was our last home in nearby Dunedin. I don’t want them to eat lizards mostly because they are cute and our cats get enough food. Also, I heard, but did not confirm, that some lizards might be poisonous to cats. I don’t remember the halogen lamp being close to the cat tree but it seems to move from place to place.


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