More Needy Behavior.

I posted this almost two years ago to show how needy Chris could get. I was reminded of that at 4:30 this morning when Rose got up to use the bathroom and Chris and Puck ran into the bedroom. She didn’t have the energy to throw them out so she let them stay. Puck was good and lied on my nightstand but Chris would not stop annoying me with his biting, licking, scratching and whatever else he could think of. I put up with him for fifteen minutes and then I was forced to get up. He is now napping on my lap as I write this. Sorry but you may have to click through to the original to see the video.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris was being extra needy this morning and since I had my camera nearby, I thought I would video him for you. Enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “More Needy Behavior.

      1. Rantasalot

        He is like our Kosmo, he loves everybody. Totally strange man was fixing our tv antenna, and in five minutes, he was walking around carrying Kosmo and talking to him.

  1. Summer

    Binga is a nose biter too! She gets the same way Chris does sometimes, more often with my human’s boyfriend. Actually Chris and Binga seem to have a lot in common.


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