Sunshine Blogger Award

Bad Cat Chris laying in sunshine

A few weeks ago I was honored to be selected for the Sunshine Blogger Award and I have struggled to find the time to acknowledge it until now. It was given to me by Spence’s Girl who has a great blog that is worth checking out.

While I am honored to receive awards like this, I typically don’t perpetuate them but this time I thought It would be fun to follow the first half of the rules which are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you!
Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
Nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know they were nominated.
Ask the nominees 11 questions

I am not sure where the Sunshine Blogger Award originated. I tried to find the origin but could not. I did find the Liebster Award to be very similar. So anyway, here are my questions:

What is a fun fact about you, never shared until now on your blog? 

I stopped watching television news because it is always too negative. Instead, I get my news from reading headlines on the internet and then choosing what to read, which isn’t much.

Early riser or night owl?

My job has conditioned me to get up early, even on the weekends.

Glass half-empty or half-full?

Three quarters full.

Who is your favorite author?

Warren Murphy, co-creator of the Destroyer series with Richard Sapir. I was friends with him on Facebook but he passed away recently.

What inspires you?

People helping others.

Favorite vacation spot?

St. Augustine, Florida. First went there on my honeymoon and have gone back countless times since.

Peanut butter – crunchy, smooth or peanut allergy?

Smooth but I don’t eat much bread or peanut butter or any more.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Become friends with Mark Zuckerberg.

Sunrise or sunset?

Both but sunset is easier because I’m usually driving to work when the sun comes up.

Are you a multi-tasker, procrastinator or laser focused?

I am a laser focused procrastinator. I think multi-tasking is the fastest way to get nothing done.

What was the last great movie you’ve seen? (theater, rental or streaming)

I’ve seen some pretty good movies but I have not seen a great movie in recent memory. I was hoping the new Star Wars would be it but… not so much.

The second part requires me to give this award to 11 more bloggers,
which I am not going to do because I don’t want to participate in something that is so close to a chain letter, even though it is a positive chain letter. I also don’t want to have to choose who I like better than the rest. I’m not sure I even know myself, everybody has certain qualities about their blog that I like.

What are your thoughts? I don’t want to seem that I am criticizing those who give out the award. In fact, I really appreciate being thought of for the award and I can see how it can be a great way to make people feel good about what they are doing. I just don’t feel comfortable passing it on myself.


19 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. kittiesblue

    I’m glad you accepted the award. Sometimes we have blinders on and don’t really get to know the bloggers we follow. I LOVED the glass 3/4s full. What a great way to live life and also the laser-focused procrastinator. I can relate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. pilch92

    Nice to learn more about you. I know how you feel about awards, it is hard to choose and easier to leave it open to those who want to do it.

  3. Summer

    I’ve always wondered what the deal is with these awards, saddling so many other bloggers with them! I can see passing it along to maybe three or something, but eleven? That is a bit much, and since bloggers tend to group themselves into fairly small communities, once the award gets passed around a couple of times, pretty much everyone gets picked and there’s nobody left.

  4. hairballexpress

    Concatulations! I’ve gotten a few over the last few months also but have yet to acknowledge and post them fur pretty much the same reasons – it always makes my day to be nominated, but I’m seldom able to take the time to write about them and pass them on to others – and I also don’t like having to choose who to give them to!

  5. onespoiledcat

    Congratulations on the award but you echo our feelings about them…..when we get one we already have we thank the person nominating us but frequently don’t go through the motions – then we’ll usually just leave it open to whoever would like to receive it. Picking and choosing blogs is tough to do – especially ELEVEN or FIFTEEN.

    Pam and Sam

  6. Spence's Girl

    Loved your answers and absolutely understand your position. I find the news to be overwhelming as well and frequently have to distance myself from it as there is so much that is negative.


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