Frankie Visits the Vet

Frankie has been having sneezing attacks for a couple of weeks now and I avoided taking him to the vet because I didn’t think there was much they could do about a cold. After about a week he was sneezing less  but a few days ago he started sneezing again. This time there was a lot of Phlegm that went with it. It wasn’t long before we had cat snot all over the house.

Sometime late Friday or early Saturday we noticed a little blood mixed with the mucus on a closet door near where Frankie just sneezed. We decided then that a vet visit was required but Saturday was the only day we could bring him so I called Puck’s latest vet as soon as they opened to see if they could squeeze him in. Unfortunately, they were already overbooked and they closed at noon so I had to try another vet.

I called Puck’s first vet and they were able to squeeze him in that morning. I liked that vet but I prefer vets that only use drugs as a last resort.

Chris was fighting with Frankie most of the morning and we even had to lock Frankie in our bedroom while we went out to bring Rose’s car to the shop. When we got home and let Frankie out, Chris started picking on him again so we decided to leave with Frankie a bit early. Rose was able to go with me to the vet this time and she picked up Frankie and put him in the carrier. When she picked him up, he let out a noise that made me think she was hurting him.

After the short drive to the vet we waited about five minutes in the waiting room. Someone brought in a cat in a bunny cage and that got Frankie’s attention.

Cat Frankie in carrier

They then moved us to an exam room and I opened up Frankie’s door but he was hesitant to come out.

Cat Frankie in carrier

When the vet tech came in to look at him she decided to take the top off the carrier and leave him in it.

Cat Frankie in carrier

She had to remove him to get his weight.

Cat Frankie at vet

Then it was back into the carrier.

Cat Frankie at vet

They did have to take him out again to take his temperature, (which was 104.4 instead of the normal 102.5) and then back into the carrier again.

cat Frankie in carrier at vet IMG_20160206_125127

I don’t remember her telling us exactly what was wrong with him but I think it is a respiratory infection. She gave him a steroid and an antibiotic and sent us on our way.

I am starting to see a pattern here. Almost every vet I have been to solves almost every condition with steroids and antibiotics. I’m not sure what the point of going to veterinary school is if all problems are caused by a steroid and/or antibiotic deficiency. After they learn that, what do they do with the rest of their time?


20 thoughts on “Frankie Visits the Vet

  1. pilch92

    I have noticed that same pattern of steroids and antibiotics. Have you seen any improvements yet? I hope they helped him. Get well soon Frankie.

  2. Summer

    Poor Frankie – he looks so sad at the vet. I’m glad he’s starting to feel better. Yeah, I don’t know what the thing is with antibiotics and steroids either. I can say, they didn’t help with Sparkle at all, and when they didn’t, the vets were at a loss about what to do with her.

  3. Carole

    That must be frustrating but hopefully the drugs will clear up the infection quickly. Frodo seemed so miserable when he had his URI. Not surprising though when you think how rotten a cold feels to us, and we know what’s going on.

  4. Connie

    steroid and/or antibiotic deficiency.. LOL.. I can so totally relate. I deal with URI all the time, and it is hard when they sneeze so hard they rupture blood vessels in their nose. I’m dealing with a cold myself right now and I’m having that issue too.. Humidifiers will help keep the mucus membranes in the nose happy, as will saline drops – which will help flush out the stubborn mucus stuck up in there.

    the fever is concerning, very well could point to deeper sinus infection. I don’t think steroids would have been my first choice if this had been one of my cats, probably preferring to stick to the antibiotic only to kill off the infection, with a good round of probiotics as well. I also really like colloidal silver for bacterial issues.. I’ve been known to put a few drops up a kitten’s nose.. it helps flush as well as kills off bacteria. I also keep some goldenseal around and make a tea out of it and then use a few drops of that in the nose (and eyes if they are inflamed) and that helps tighten up the mucous membranes so they aren’t as irritated… speaking of which, I think I’ll do that tonight..

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I hope you feel better Connie. I have colloidal silver but it is in a gel. I probably should get some along with probiotics. I was thinking about that today. Do you have a recommendation for which one I should buy?

  5. Deziz World

    Good question. We fink they must spend it learnin’ how to ignore studies and new infurmation and to talk peeps into Hill’s RX diets. Sendin’ purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Robin

    I hope that Frankie feels better soon! It is definitely cold season. Poor guy. I hope that Chris gives him a chance to relax and recover too.

  7. Spence's Girl

    My ginger, Biscotti went through that last fall and then Tipper had the same thing a few weeks later (though no snot). It worried us because we’d brought a feral kitten in the weekend prior to it all (the kitten died soon after). Luckily it was a respiratory thing and quickly cleared up.

  8. Charles Huss Post author

    Reblogged this on Bad Cat Chris and commented:

    Here is one of Frankie’s vet visits from February 2016 for Throwback Thursday. I can’t remember the last time Frankie has been to the vet. At almost twelve years old, he is in very good health, except for all the sneezing he has done since we adopted him.


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