Chris the Computer Wiz

Chris learned long ago how to do things on a computer that I could never do… and I have a computer programming degree.

Bad Cat Chris

Until this morning I never really thought about how much more Chris knows than I do about my computer. This morning he brought up a Windows search window. I don’t recall ever seeing that window before, yet Chris, a cat, was able to bring it up with nothing more that a couple of key strokes. Amazingly, he not only brought up one window, but twelve, faster that I could say “Get off the keyboard!”

Chris and TiggerHe is always bringing up strange windows, most of which I would have to research to find the proper keystroke combination, and he does it without even a second thought. His favorite is full screen mode. I am constantly looking up how to get out of full screen mode. In case you are wondering, it is F11, I just looked it up.

He is even able to change my screen while I am working on my…

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1 thought on “Chris the Computer Wiz

  1. Summer

    I DO write the blog here! And I’m nowhere near as computer savvy as Chris – although I have done some pretty creative things with the keyboard.


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