Chris the Computer Wiz

Until this morning I never really thought about how much more Chris knows than I do about my computer. This morning he brought up a Windows search window. I don’t recall ever seeing that window before, yet Chris, a cat, was able to bring it up with nothing more that a couple of key strokes. Amazingly, he not only brought up one window, but twelve, faster that I could say “Get off the keyboard!”

Chris and TiggerHe is always bringing up strange windows, most of which I would have to research to find the proper keystroke combination, and he does it without even a second thought. His favorite is full screen mode. I am constantly looking up how to get out of full screen mode. In case you are wondering, it is F11, I just looked it up.

He is even able to change my screen while I am working on my tablet, without the keyboard. He knows just where to stick his paw. I am starting to wonder why I am even writing this blog. I should have Chris write it.

10 thoughts on “Chris the Computer Wiz

  1. Mary McNeil

    Has he turned the screen display 180 degrees yet – so it is completely sideways ? One of mine did that one evening. Fortunately the local “Computer Rescue” was still open, so I called them. It took THEM awhile to figure out how it was done so they could tell me how to UNdo it.

  2. The Island Cats

    I’ve done some pretty strange things to the mom’s laptop because I like sitting on it. Fortunately, she’s been able to fix everything I do. Though one day, she’s afraid I’m really gonna mess it up! ~Ernie

  3. kittiesblue

    I definitely have some computer buffs here. They know how to turn on music. Misty May has turned the screen upside. Took her Dad hours on the phone to get that one fixed. Giulietta s quite good with the iPad. Chris does sound quite advanced in his maneuvers! He definitely should be writing his own posts.


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