Photo Friday: For The Birds

When we moved into our current home in June, there was an egret that would come by every day and hang out by our back door waiting for us to feed him. We assumed the woman that lived there before us would feed him everyday and he came to expect it. I did not really want to continue the tradition but I felt like we should wean him off the handouts. Unfortunately we had no meat to give him other than cat food so I put some out for him but he was not very interested. Eventually he went away but then suddenly showed up at our door the other evening.

Our cat Frankie watching an egret.

Our cats Chris and Puck watching egret.All the cats were on the patio, interested in what this bird was doing so close to their space. We only had sliced ham for him so I tore a pieceย into smaller pieces and threw them to him. He gobbled those up quickly and stuck around begging for more.

Rose gave me another piece so I did the same thing.ย This time Puck ran out the door and chased the bird back but he didn’t leave the yard. I then had to spend the next ten minutes chasing Puck back and forth until Rose finally opened the door and I was able to corral him back onto the patio.


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